Partners and memberships

EcoHotels is a Long Run Alliance Member (LRAM) signifying our commitment, as signatory of The Long Run Charter to sustainably manage natural areas of high conservation value we own or influence. As part of the global sustainability effort under the Zeitz Foundation’s Long Run Initiative, we aspire to attain the Foundation’s Global Ecosphere Retreats® certification for Long Run Destinations representing performance to highest standards of leadership and innovation in nature conservation and stewardship of host communities and cultures enabled by commerce (4Cs).

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is a global membership organization and home to a thriving community of more than 800 responsible, profitable businesses, destinations and media who transform customers and businesses alike into advocates for sustainability and justice worldwide. Its members include tour operators, tourism boards, specialty travel agents, guides, accommodations, media and service providers.

The ATTA is driven to help adventure tourism businesses and destinations worldwide succeed. It exists to bring its members opportunities that drive new customers, lower costs and increase returns on investment. It works to implement industry standards, face and address thorny issues, drive initiatives that get adventure travel into mainstream culture, and work to get others who should be investing in this industry educated about who the adventure traveller is, and the responsibilities they share to protect the people and places we visit. ATTA is working to ensure the sustainable development of the adventure tourism industry, with sights set on people, planet and profit.