Join outdoor adventure journalist and author Peter Potterfield and award winning guide Yamaan Safadi on a 6 day, 50 mile epic trek from Dana to Petra, passing by Feynan Ecolodge describing it as "unique in the world... the most relaxing place i have spent in a long time". Filmed by Jordan Tourism Board.



Feynan Ecolodge and Dana Biosphere Reserve are presented as part of a Green Trip special on green travel in Jordan (French). First featured on French programme Green Trip on Ushuaia TV. 


UK Channel 5 "Holiday Heaven on Earth" travel programme featuring Feynan Ecolodge. Presenter Emma Crosby visits Jordan featuring Amman, Feynan Ecolodge and Petra.



First shown on Germany's ARD TV network on 9 November 2014, Feynan is featured as part of a 45 minute special travel programme of Jordan.  

The film features lots of different adventure activities in Jordan including staying at Feynan Ecolodge, jet skiing in Aqaba, and canyoning in Wadi Mujib.  Check out the full film at the link below (Feynan features at around 31.30 minutes) and even if you don't speak German, there is plenty in there for inspiration!  

Full video available here


Moving more than one billion people across international borders each year, international tourism today accounts for 9% of global GDP and one in every 11 jobs on the planet.Behind the impressive numbers are all the chefs, innkeepers, artisans, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, bakers, guides, and millions of others who make up the bulk of the tourism sector, which for many represents a vital opportunity for a better life


World Tourism Day 2014: Tourism Stories from UNWTO on Vimeo.


Team opXpeditions Jordan from Outpost Magazine does a spot of mountain biking and experiences Bedouin hospitality near Feynan Ecolodge.



CNN Go's "Inside the Middle East" story on Feynan Ecolodge



I Am #OMNITEN' is Columbia Sportswear's documentary that tells the story of ten ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Shot while on location in the Kingdom of Jordan, 'I Am #OMNITEN' showcases their experiences from extreme locations including Feynan Ecolodge and hiking in Wadi Ghwayr

Coverage of Feynan starts at 27.00




Farrukh and Shuggy from the Implausible Blog share their journey around Jordan featuring HRH Queen Rania, Petra, Feynan and more

Feynan features from 1:46



If you're thinking of visiting Jordan, this film shows some of the beautiful destinations in the south west of the country. From Petra to Wadi Feynan, this area of Jordan offers a breathtaking history lesson. Meet the archaeologists from across the globe who have come to uncover the region's treasures.