About Us

As a pioneering player in the ecotourism field, EcoHotels commits to a holistic perspective of business that encompasses people, nature and ensures a sustainable future for both while providing unique and authentic experiences for guests. To achieve that, the company holds the following values in its operations:

  • Providing unique educational and adventure filled experiences in natural environments and with indigenous communities
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint in both the development and operations of our accommodations, and through the experiences offered to guests
  • Generating revenue for the conservation of nature
  • Sustaining the cultural integrity of local communities and applying ecotourism in a manner that helps preserve and protect the local traditions and habitats
  • Contributing to the socioeconomic development of local communities by providing income generating opportunities
  • Leaving every guest with a special memory of the charming atmosphere and genuine hospitality
  • Mainstreaming environmental and sustainable tourism concepts

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