Travel Info

Feynan is not a typical hotel. It is most enjoyed by travellers who are happy to give up some of the luxuries of a five star hotel in order to get a five star experience.

The ethos and spirit of Feynan is reflected in the details of the experience. For example, the transportation to and from the lodge is provided by the local community. The drivers use their own cars which are very run down and most drivers do not speak English. The bumpy ride may be considered as part of the experience by some or an inconvenience for others, but at the end of the day it has become a source of income for 45 families in the area, and that is why we do it.

We invest heavily in training our staff and take pride in the great team we have that never fails to deliver an incredible experience for our guests. We encourage our guests to engage with the staff, however not everyone speaks English. The front desk staff and guides are fluent in English and are always available to help you with anything you may need. There are English speakers on duty around the clock to assist you with anything you need.

In this section you can find out more about how to get to Feynan, what to pack and what the weather is like.