Travel info

To give you an idea of the weather in Feynan, we have described a typical year in the section below. Of course this is not set in stone and the weather varies year to year. Generally though, Feynan is a place of low rainfall and high sunshine and there are plenty of things to do all year around. Check out the seasonal variations below for more info.

Winter arrives in Feynan in December and normally carries on until the end of February. During this time most days will be sunny and it will feel warm in the winter sun although there will be some overcast or even rainy days when it is cooler. Typically it will rain a few times in these months and if it rains in the hills surrounding the lodge, you might witness an impressive flash flood through the valley. At night it can be cold, below 10 degrees Celsius, though we have a lovely warm fireplace in the living room and reception to sit around at night. There is no heating in the rooms, however hot water bottles are available and the duvets are very thick and warm. In general the winter is a great time for hiking as the weather is mild and the air is fresh.

Spring (March – May) is the most popular time of year to visit Feynan and there’s good reason! The days are warm, but not too hot and the rains from the winter mean there are green plants scattering the areas and pink oleanders in full bloom making spring a beautiful time for hiking. The days are typically around the mid 20s (Celsius) by the end of March, perhaps with a light breeze, but the nights are cooler and once the sun goes down, you might need a light jumper outside in March and April. During April and May the temperature will start to rise higher towards the high 20s and low 30s (Celsius).

Feynan is located in the desert area of Dana Reserve where it is very arid so the summers are predictably hot. From June – September the temperature will reach the mid to high 30s (Celsius) on most days. The nights are slightly cooler although it’s still warm. The hottest months of July and August are not recommended as the best times to visit Feynan. Guests can open the windows and leave room doors ajar to create a draft or they are welcome to sleep on our rooftop terrace under the stars if they find their rooms too warm. By September the nights will start becoming cooler again. During this period we recommend walking in the cooler early morning or late afternoon periods to avoid the heat and take plenty of water and suncream.

October and November are another popular time to visit Feynan as the weather is warm in the day and cooler in the evenings. It’s similar to spring time and a great time for hiking, getting cooler as it progresses into late November and early December.