Reviews and Awards

“Come dusk, the building reveals its true magic, as candles light the bedrooms, the communal courtyards and the coiling stairways, and the complex takes on the atmosphere of a medieval caravanserai.”

Feynan Ecolodge “looks like a building grown from the ground rather than imposed upon it, and it holds some sense of fantasy or impossibility — a promise of comfort under a hot, inhospitable sky”

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"Seeing the joy and happiness, the smiles that crossed the language barriers as the Bedouin woman invited me to her side of the tent, that’s the memory for me, the one I will tell my grandchildren about one day"

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"When you think about the desert you probably don’t expect any confort. Well if you’ll spend the night in Feynan you’ll change your mind"

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"Mohammed, our guide, breaks some branches off, crushing them against a rock with a machine-gun action.

“Bedouin soap,” he says, reaching for some water. He rubs his palms together, turning not only plant mush into lather but my world weariness into childlike joy."


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"I shake my cup to indicate I am finished. If the vessel touches the floor, it means you have a request to make, like a marriage proposal. Suleiman’s hospitality is making me think a marriage proposal might not be so bad."

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"The clear sky, studded with bright planets, is breathtaking, offering dozens of shooting stars for the uninitiated. There's enough going on overhead to make Professor Brian Cox perform pirouettes"

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"What makes Feynan special is the insight into the lives of the Bedouin, the desert-dwelling semi-nomads—40-50 families live spread out in tented camps throughout the valley"

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“…millions of stars danced above as we gazed into the darkness free of any light pollution to distort our view” 

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"The journey to Feynan Ecolodge, however, is just the beginning of the adventures that await... guests are submerged in the authentic Bedouin lifestyle"

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