Columbia release I AM #OMNITEN film

Interested in adventuring in Jordan? Well now you can watch a video showcasing the adventures of 10 outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies in the Kingdom of Jordan!

Earlier in 2014, Feynan was excited to host the #OMNITEN group from Colombia Sportswear - a group of outdoor loving adventure people from across the USA who had won an adventure trip to Jordan for a week of #TryingStuff.

As part of their adventure they stayed at Feynan Ecolodge and hiked up the stunning Wadi Ghwayr slot canyon taking in the stunning scenery and rock formations and scrambling through the river.

Followed by a film crew for the whole trip, you can watch their adventure in Jordan in the I AM #OMNITEN film. 

If you are keen to see images of hiking Wadi Ghwayr - this is for you - check out from 27.00 in the film to see the stunning scenery of what one of the OMNITEN describe as 'probably one of the prettiest canyons I have ever seen'

I Am #OMNITEN' is a documentary film that tells the story of ten ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Shot while on location in the Kingdom of Jordan, 'I Am #OMNITEN' showcases their experiences from extreme locations. We learn about their personal stories and why the outdoors have become such an important part of their lives. From ancient marvels to natural wonders, the #omniten immerse themselves in Jordanian culture and show us just what #TryingStuff really means.