Hiking the Wadi Dana trail

What better way to see everything Jordan's largest nature reserve has to offer than hiking down the magnificent Wadi Dana? Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Jordan and is home to an array of wildlife. The Wadi Dana trail is one of the best places in Jordan to spot the Nubian Ibex.

Check out the video below of Rob's journey descending from the high hills and awe-inspiring views of Dana village through the beautiful landscape and ending at Feynan Ecolodge. Along the way, our guide Mohammad shares some of the secrets of Bedouin life from the trail including starting a fire without matches, baking bread in a fire and a very special form of Bedouin firepower!


Check out more details on the Wadi Dana trail on our activities page and you can see more of Rob's adventures in Jordan on his blog stophavingaboringlife.com