UN's World Tourism Day 2014 features Feynan guide

Celebrating this year's World Tourism Day the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) has released a video sharing stories from people in tourism around the world. The theme is how tourism enriches lives through opportunities. We are thrilled that our guide Mohammad Daifallah has been featured in this short video telling his story about why a job in tourism has been important for him. 

"When I go with the people, I tell them about my traditional life and my nature... This is a good chance to find the work close to my family. I became a teacher for the nature". Mohammad tells his story along with 3 others whose lives have been changed by tourism. Watch the full video and download the book below.

International tourism today accounts for 9% of global GDP and one in every 11 jobs on the planet. Behind the impressive numbers are all the chefs, innkeepers, artisans, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, bakers, guides, and millions of others who make up the bulk of the tourism sector, which for many represents a vital opportunity for a better life.

At Feynan, our ethos includes ensuring that the local community share in the benefits of tourism at Feynan. We employ exclusively local staff, use local community services and in 2013 over 50% of the money spent by tourists remained within the local community. Find out more about how we benefit the local community here


World Tourism Day 2014: Tourism Stories from UNWTO on Vimeo.